We stock a large range of hand made jewellery to suit most budgets including Mexican abalone shell earrings, Peruvian knot work fabric earrings, hammered brass jewellery from India, polished brass Inca design jewellery from Peru and fine silver jewellery from Thailand. All are made following traditional techniques to create unique and beautiful pieces.

Producer Profile: Flowering Desert Project

Supplier: Just Trade

Just Trade works with the Flowering Desert Project in Tamil Nadu. There were seven ladies in the project who were all trained in tailoring, but were struggling to find enough regular work and hindered by intermittent power supply. Just Trade offered training in basic jewellery techniques using hand tools, therefore not requiring a reliable electricity source. The ladies picked up the techniques quickly and since the initial jewellery training programme in 2010, over twenty additional women have been trained to keep up with demand.

At Flowering Desert, the ladies work in a fair, safe and supportive environment. They work a shorter day, are given free transportation to work, counselling, healthcare, advice on money management and help with educating their children.

The training and fairly paid employment opportunities at Flowering Desert offer a way for the women to increase their skills and future work possibilities, often bringing them a status in their society for the first time.