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Producer Profile: Sophie

Supplier: Cards from Africa

To this day Sophie has few words to describe what happened to her parents during the genocide. When asked, she is quiet for a minute before answering. “They cut them.  Both.”  What was life like after the genocide?  “It’s hard to express.  It was so difficult.  I was so young with so little schooling, but I had four younger siblings in my care.  And good work is hard to find.”

However, life was not hard forever because Sophie found Cards from Africa.  Now, with the income she makes she can take care of everyone.  Not only do they have food to eat and shelter over their heads, but a job at Cards from Africa also means stability in the community.  “Others will let me borrow things or pay them later because they know I’m good for it.  They trust me now.”

Sophie constantly encourages her younger siblings to work hard in school. 

“I was lucky to find Cards from Africa.  Many people are not as lucky.  Now, my brothers and sisters do not need luck because they have a good education.”

Sophie, producer, Cards from Africa