Headington Fairtrade is run as a community co-operative gift shop specialising in fairly traded products from all over the world.  We are passionate about the importance of fairly traded products and ethical ways of protecting this beautiful blue planet for future generations. 

Having access to an overseas market is a lifeline for thousands of disadvantaged people who live in some of the poorest communities in the world. Most of the products we stock are sourced from producer groups in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and they come to us through approved trading channels based on the ten principles of fair trade.  

Our fairtrade products include craft, toys, food, cards and household items, many purchased from established UK fairtrade importers or suppliers who are approved by the British Association of Fairtrade Shops (BAFTS), guaranteeing the fairtrade provenance of goods.  

In addition, we stock items which provide an attractive alternative to mainstream goods as they are more ecologically benign and ethically produced.

Each purchase makes a difference to a grower or producer somewhere, and the groundswell of hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations buying fairtrade regularly has already had a significant impact at national and international level. 

We are very proud of the fact that, since our inception in 2010, the shop has purchased almost £500,000 of fairly traded/ethical products – an impressive contribution towards keeping many small-scale producers in business.

It is a joy and a privilege that at Headington Fairtrade we are able to display such a variety of quality products – items that remind us how enterprising, creative and innovative our fellow human beings are.