Fairtrade Baking

Whilst we’re not only in lockdown, but also in the depths of winter, there’s nothing better than a bit of home made comfort food using fairly traded ingredients. Baking at home is also a great activity to do with children who are at home whilst schools are closed – there are so many benefits, including hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill and hand strengthening,  problem-solving, creativity, counting, measuring, following directions, and learning about cause and effect.

We’ve rounded up a selection of delicious, fairtrade recipes – all of which have ingredients you can find in our shop and on Click & Collect.

  • First up are these delicious and healthy Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk Blondies from the Divine Chocolate website. They are vegan, gluten-free and grain-free, fudgy and indulgent, yet packed with wholesome, healthy ingredients and no refined sugar. Studded with Dark Chocolate, they’re really delicious. We made these at home yesterday and they went down very well with all members of the household!
  • Fairtrade Date and Cranberry Energy Balls don’t require baking at all and are great for a post-exercise snack. These particularly rich Zaytoun dates give an immediate energy boost, whilst the nuts are a source of many nutrients. However don’t worry about sticking to the exact ingredients list – use up what you have in your cupboards, or what you can buy from your local fair trade shop.
  • This next recipe is from Good Taste – the Sheffield Fair Trade Shop. Just like us at Headington Fairtrade in Oxford, Good Taste sells a wide range of Fairtrade food, greetings cards, jewellery, gifts, toys, and homeware and is a not for profit business based in Sheffield. This delicious Fairtrade Coffee and Walnut Sponge Cake is on their blog and requires fairtrade instant coffee, walnuts and sugar.
  • Our final recipe is an incredibly easy but also a very moreish one. Inspired by a local Headington-based massage and nutrition business, Katie Wheater Wellbeing, who recommended this as a quick healthy snack for her family whilst home schooling, all this requires is a selection of nuts and dried fruit spread out in a dish, with a bar of melted dark chocolate drizzled over and stirred in. Once it is cool you can break it into pieces – just try to restrain yourself from eating it all in one go!

During this third lockdown we have added many more of our food items to Click & Collect – so please have a browse and see what you can pick up for your baking with a conscience!