Nepalese “Yak” Shawls


Hand Loomed on the Tibet – Nepal border these beautiful shawls are perfect for keeping your warm for all occasions. They are handwoven from acrylic cotton and polyester – the “yak” in their name refers to the fluffiness of the shawls, not that they are made of actual yak wool!



These beautiful shawls are a luxurious 190cm x 85cm in size and dyed with azo free dyes. They are produced for our supplier Cool Trade Winds by a women’s skill development centre on the Nepali Tibetan border, looking after ladies that come from a disadvantaged background.

THE YAK SHAWL MYTH: Cool Trade Winds’ shawls are commonly known as Yak Shawls, however, the shawls are not made from Yak Wool. The Yak name actually refers to the fluffiness of the shawls which have been brushed to be fluffy like the Yak. Our shawls have been tested at the Assay office to determine the true composition which is: 60% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 15% Polyester, therefore a wonderful fashion accessory for vegans.


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