Grumpy Mule Organic Seasonal Decaf – Swiss Water Processed, Strength 3, 227g


Subtly varying with origin, but always with chocolate & caramel sweetness, crisp fruit acidity and clean finish. A great espresso and filter. Ground decaf coffee.


If you are one of those special sorts who can kick without caffeine; this one’s for you, and you don’t get shorted on flavour. The crop will change from season to season but you can be sure it’ll get the full Swiss water treatment so as to preserve the unique flavour and aroma of each and every bean. The ‘Swiss water Method’ is a trademarked name and decaffeination process developed in Switzerland in the 30’s Far less invasive to the final coffee and with superior taste to chemical processes, and certifiable as an organic process, this method really does offer a great tasting alternative.
Ground Decaf Coffee

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Strength – 3

Pack size: 227g


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