Essential Organic Camomile Tea, 20 tea bags


Essential Organic Camomile Tea, 20 tea bags


Organic and Biodynamic (Demeter) herbal teas, all grown, processed and packed for us on a single organic farm in Egypt. The farm benefits from a kindergarten and school for the workers & children. The Essential teas are Biodynamic and Organic Infusions produced on Egyptian farms that adhere to strict biodynamic principles. These teas are grown on reclaimed desert land and sustain the livelihoods of thousands. Unbleached teabags. 20 bagged herbal infusions packed in non bleached chlorine free filter paper made from natural virgin pulp material with cotton thread and card tag. These filter papers contain no plastic therefore are 100% recyclable.


Organic Camomile ( Camomile Matricaria recutita)

Add boiling water to a tea bag in a mug and leave for two minutes.


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