Our Local Fairtrade University

Did you know that our local university, Oxford Brookes, was the world’s first Fairtrade University in 2003? What an achievement!

Last year (May 2020) it was awarded the new Fairtrade University Award, following 18 months of hard work by the university’s

Environmental Sustainability Team. The University is one of just twelve institutions to have been accredited in 2020 under the new award standards, which were created in conjunction with the Fairtrade Foundation and the National Union of Students (NUS).

The award’s structure encourages partnership between sustainability, catering and academic staff, plus the students’ union and student body, to cover procurement, awareness raising and campaigning activities. There are also opportunities to engage through teaching and other new and innovative ways such as “meet the grower” events, lectures from Fairtrade company owners such as Divine Chocolate, Fairtrade partron led “Learn and Lunch” events, Fairtrade fashion events and more.

In order to confirm the award, students were recruited as volunteer auditors and trained by the NUS and the Fairtrade Foundation, equipping them with transferable skills and experience.

A continued commitment to Fairtrade was an important part of choosing a new catering partner; Gather & Gather, who have introduced locally roasted Fairtrade coffee and are comitted to increasing the range of Fairtrade products available across its campuses.

Well done Oxford Brookes!

Further information on Environmental Sustainability at Oxford Brookes can be found on the University’s dedicated webpages