Food & Drink

We stock some of the most well known Fairtrade consumables such as chocolate, tea, coffee and dried fruits along side some of the less well known food stuffs such as Zaytoun Fairtrade olive oil and za’atar herb mix from Palestine and Eswatini preserves, chutneys and sauces from Swaziland. We stock a range of fairtrade bars, a lovely range of Devon Cottage fudge and Jelly beans. Come and  try a bit of everything and we are sure you will find a Fairtrade taste you love.

Producer Profile: Bassema Barahmeh

Supplier: Zaytoun

Bassema produces organic Fairtrade olive oil for one of our suppliers, Zaytoun, in the scenic village of Anza, West Bank, Palestine. Her olive trees produce around 300 litres of oil in a good year. Like other Anza farmers, she has benefitted from the use of Fairtrade premiums to buy tools and materials for harvesting. Bassema’s capacity for hard work is matched by her vision for empowering other women. Inspired by her involvement in fair trade and the opportunity it offers for long term financial security and sustainable work, she says:

“Now I have an opinion. I have a say in this household and the community. I am a breadwinner and can make my own decisions. Even in my own household, I don’t have to wait for my husband’s permission, but can just go ahead and do things for myself. It has given me independence and raised my morale. My life has transformed.”

Bassema Barahmeh, Farmer, board member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association, village council member and mother of four.