Ramadan Kareem!

The month of Ramadan started last week, and we wish all our friends and supporters observing Ramadan good luck, peace and good health.

Breaking the fast with rich Medjoul dates has always been a Ramadan tradition – dates have a long history in the Middle East as they have been cultivated in the area for thousands of years. They are also particularly beneficial during Ramadan because they are high in sugar and vitamins such as potassium and magnesium as well as an excellent source of fibre and carbohydrates. The nutrients found in dates provide a great source of energy, and dates are also known to help with digestion.

Our suppliers Zaytoun bring us the very best delicacies from Palestine’s fertile groves and fields, including fudgy Medjoul dates; but also sweet crunchy almonds, zesty za’atar, olive oil, smoky freekeh and nutty maftoul. Zaytoun is a social enterprise founded to support Palestinian farmers through fair trade, launched in 2004 in the shadow of drastic Israeli restrictions on Palestinian rights to travel, trade and access their lands and livelihoods. The founders of Zaytoun originally bought 200 bottles of olive oil, inviting friends and family to buy a case of this oil, and this brought home the need felt by so many to do something tangible to support Palestinians. Zaytoun says: “To buy a case of olive oil was a form of activism that could create immediate change”. Zaytoun is not the same company as it was in those early days – they now sell several products grown by different farming communities in Palestine, but the tastes and flavour of Palestinian food, and the expertise of the farming communities and their love of good food, is inspirational. Zaytoun thanks everyone who has chosen their Medjoul dates to break their daily fast this Ramadan; it means so much to the date growers in Palestine’s Jordan Valley. If you want some, they are available in our shop and on click and collect!

Have a watch of Zaytoun’s virtual visit to the date groves in Jericho during the last harvest to find out more about where Zaytoun’s dates come from: