World Fair Trade Day – 8th May 2021

This Saturday is World Fair Trade Day – a global celebration to showcase the role that fair trade plays in the fight against poverty across the globe. It is an opportunity to showcase the small-scale producers at the heart of the fair trade movement and the contributions they make to healthy and sustainable communities around the world. When you choose authentic fair trade goods, your purchase casts a vote for small-scale farmers, producers, and artisans who have built a supply chain that is more fair and helps to sustain the planet using organic development, restoration projects and regenerative agriculture practices which have been shown to help reverse the trends of climate change.

The 2021 World Fair Trade Day celebration is co-organised by the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) and World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), and the focus this year is on the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and not just building back better, but building back fairer.

The Fair Trade movement has a solution to the old normal of rising inequality, poverty, gender discrimination and environmental destruction and today is our opportunity to reboot our economies so that the new normal is equitable, resilient and sustainable. The policies that will ensure our economies are fit-for-future are the same as those that will help us recover from this pandemic.

We can replace outdated business models which make the rich richer and the poor poorer, and through Fairtrade, organic and social enterprises we can channel profits to the many, not the few. We can put people and planet first in trade and business, we can address the climate crisis and secure the livelihoods of our planet’s poorest communities. Fairtrade enterprises prove it is possible for businesses to put people and planet first and this World Fair Trade Day we want to highlight that.

Join the Fair Trade Day Photo Challenge – take a photo with the Build Back Fairer Poster (download it here), share it on social media with the hashtag #BuildBackFairer, and tag us (@headingtonfairtrade) in your caption! Here are Suzie, our shop manager; Iona, our assistant manager; and Bea, our media assistant, doing just that:

For more information on the Build Back Fairer statement, this video explains it all; have a watch.