The Windmill

104 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AJ


Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm

Based in Headington, Oxford, the Windmill Shop offers an extensive range of fairtrade products including food, toys, crafts, gifts, cards, beauty and household products.



Some of our best-selling lines appear here - bamboo socks in seasonally changing designs, scarves from several suppliers and in various fabrics and styles, woolly hats and gloves for the colder weather, and bags in lots of different styles and materials.


Baby Clothes and Toys

Our main brand of toys is Lanka Kade - wooden and other toys, made by hand to a high specification and with assurance of child safety. The particular designs vary from time to time, but we try to maintain a range of dolls, letters and name plaques, wooden animals, alphabet and number puzzles, and Noah's arks all the time. We have (re-)started to stock some basic items of cotton baby clothes


Cleaning Products

Ecover is our main brand, with their extensive range of environmentally friendly cleaning and similar products. We offer a refill service for nine of the most popular liquid types. Traidcraft's Clean & Fair brand was launched in 2014 - the first products of this type to carry fairtrade certification. We also stock Traidcraft's household paper products and rubber gloves.


Fabric Goods

We have a range of cushion covers, some tea-towels, rugs and other products. And because they don't sit easily elsewhere, our incense products are mentioned here for the time being.



Tableware, crockery, glasses, cookware, kitchen items, doormats ... our stock of homeware changes throughout the year.



In the shop you'll find tea-light holders and lanterns, soapstone pebbles and other goods, model animals, and sometimes perpetual calendars, bookends etc.



There are many fairly traded paper products available - journals, notebooks, photo-albums (and photo-frames in other materials), gift bags, wrapping paper, gift tags and greetings cards. We have a wide selection of hand-made wrapping papers. With cards, for most of the year we focus on the individually hand-made (and signed) Cards from Africa. From time to time there are hand-made cards from other sources, and each Christmas we stock printed cards from the Traidcraft range.



Jason, Dr Bronner, Ecover and other brands, with soaps also from Traidcraft and Zaytoun.