The Windmill

104 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AJ


Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm

Based in Headington, Oxford, the Windmill Shop offers an extensive range of fairtrade products including food, toys, crafts, gifts, cards, beauty and household products.



Cookies, wafer biscuits, flapjacks and similar snacks are what to expect here. We don't stock the whole fairtrade range, but we do try to satisfy what our customers prefer.


Cereals and Sweets

Fairtrade sugar (from sugar cane) is a staple fairtrade commodity, and it is used in many types of sweets (as well as chocolate) and cereals (together with fairtrade dried fruit and nuts). We generally stock most or all of the range of packaged sugar varieties from Traidcraft.



Bars, buttons, spreads, fudge - it's all here, plus eggs at Easter and Christmas shapes in season. There's also drinking chocolate under 'hot ... drinks'.



Who can resist the brand name 'Grumpy Mule'? - mules are still used in some places to bring the coffee beans down from the high-level plantations. Coffee is where certified fairtrade started, and many supermarkets now have their own-label products, which is why we stock only a limited range of instant varieties, but plenty of ground coffees and a few beans.


Hot & Cold Drinks

Here you'll find fruit juices, cocoa, hot chocolate and the like. Coffee and tea have their own sections.


Nuts & Dried Fruit

Quite a range of nuts and dried fruit is available with fairtrade certification, as well as products made with them. We stock varieties from Traidcraft, Tropical Wholefoods, Pearls of Samarkand, and the Palestinian-based Zaytoun co-operative.


Pasta, Rice ...

Fairtrade certified grains (rice, quinoa, wheat etc) and beans, and products derived from them, have proliferated in recent years, and we stock a range from countries as diverse as Malawi, Peru and Mongolia.



If you're looking for jams, marmalades, pickles, honeys, nut butters, sauces, herbs or spices, you'll find many to choose from on our shelves. Some of the products (such as speciality jams) are seasonal, but most are available all year round.



How many varieties of fairtrade certified tea are there? At a guess, many hundreds. We have forty or more on the shelves in the shop, so you may find some here to suit your tastes.