The Windmill

104 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AJ


Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm

Based in Headington, Oxford, the Windmill Shop offers an extensive range of fairtrade products including food, toys, crafts, gifts, cards, beauty and household products.


On display in the shop are hundreds and hundreds of products, and we try to add new things on a regular basis. On this website we've divided them into seventeen categories, some of which contain quite a 'mixture' of items. Here are brief descriptions to help you get an idea of the whole range.


Typically the fairtrade ingredients in various biscuits will be sugar, dried fruit and cocoa/ chocolate. We have cookies, shortbread, chocolate wafers and several gluten-free varieties. Towards Christmas there will be a selection of gift boxes.

Cereals, Sweets and Sugar

You’ll find Traidcraft’s range of half-kilo bags of various fairtrade sugars. Also there are boiled sweets, after-dinner mints, jelly beans and others. This category covers mueslies and crunchy cereal too.


You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to fairtrade chocolate. We have a wide range of dark, milk, white and flavoured bars from the Seed & Bean, Traidcraft and Divine ranges. Also buttons, truffles, spreads and the delicious Devon Cottage fudge.


Coffee is where fairtrade really got going. We stock beans and ground coffee from the Grumpy Mule range (our mainstay), plus others based on customer requests, and our first single-estate coffees. In the range are different strengths and decaffeinated varieties.

Hot & Cold Drinks

In addition to coffees and teas we have hot chocolate and cocoa, fruit juices and colas.

Nuts and Dried Fruit

Sultanas and dates, cashews and walnuts, dried mango and cherries, and a host of other products are included in this category, plus snacks such as plantain chips.

Pasta and Rice

Not just pasta and rice, but also quinoa, couscous, freekeh, lentils, beans and other staples for the kitchen store-cupboard such as olive oils and herbs.


Whether it's jams, marmalades or chutneys you’re after, they can be found in this section, along with honeys, syrup and molasses.


Everyday teas, green teas, decaff teas, rooibos teas, herbal teas – they’re all in this section; most are in tea-bag form, but there's a selection in loose leaf too.


We offer scarves in many different styles and colours, ranging from lightweight net scarves to luxury pashmina. There are also woollen gloves and hats for cooler weather, and socks and tights made from bamboo fibre. There is a focus on bags made from leather, woven fabric, woven grass or string - come and browse. We also have a small range of jewellery items.

Baby Clothes and Toys

We have a large range of wooden toys, cloth dolls and colourful hanging mobiles. There is also a starting range of organic cotton baby clothes.

Cleaning Products

We stock a wide range of Ecover's household cleaning products, and for some of them we offer a refill service. Other brands are appearing with fairtrade certification as well as environmental benefits.

Fabric Goods

There are colourful doormats, rugs, throwa and cushion covers, and a range of incense sticks and sachets (where else would they fit?).


Our fairly traded, recycled glassware comes in a variety of styles and designs, and we stock a number of ceramic products such as cups & saucers. Plus products made from a variety of other materials.


Some products are largely decorative rather than "useful"!


Cards from Africa is our major supplier of greetings cards for most occasions - each one handmade and signed by its creator. We also have a variety of handmade journals, photo-albums and photo-frames.


We have ranges of fairtrade certified soaps (liquid and solid), shampoos and conditioners, hand wash and shower gel, moisturisers and more.

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9:30am - 5:30pm

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Bags and more

Whether you want ...

... a smart leather bag for the office, or a cotton shopper to roll up for your shopping trip, we have a wide range of attractive, fairly traded bags, satchels, purses, wash bags and more.

Brighten up the table

Recycled aluminium ware

From Namaste comes a range of polished recycled aluminium tableware with brilliant coloured enamel inlays. It makes a striking visual impact (though needs gentle washing to maintain this).

Madecasse Chocolate

Made in Africa

This new range of fairtrade dark chocolate is made in the country where the cocoa beans are grown (Madagascar), so much more of the benefit stays with the growers and producers there. There are four different styles, with up to 80% cocoa - why not try one?

Windmill news

Meet Rachel

At the start of the year Rachel joined The Windmill team as part-time manager, to help as the business grows. If you haven't yet met her, she is usually in the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday and alternate Friday/ Saturday mornings.

4 February

Flip-flop Animals

Environmental clean-up and fair trading go hand-in-hand to make brightly coloured, patterned animals in various sizes, which are crafted from recycled plastic harvested from the flip-flops washed up along Kenya's coastline. 

4 February

Bamboo Socks

If you're already a fan of our fairly traded bamboo socks (which come in 2 sizes), you might like the presentation gift boxes which contain 4 pairs and make a lovely present.

4 February

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