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Headington Fairtrade Co-operative Ltd is constituted and registered as a community co-operative. We are not a charity, and we must make sufficient profit to cover all the costs of running the business

Headington Fairtrade Co-operative

Based in Headington, Oxford, the Windmill Shop offers an extensive range of fairtrade products including food, beverages, crafts, gifts, stationery and household products.

Vision and Aims

  • To promote the sale of fairtrade goods through stocking a range of goods and encouraging people to switch to fairtrade generally, with a range of literature available to encourage and inform.
  • To trade profitably, thus enabling customers to make a difference to people in the developing world by buying goods that are guaranteed to be giving a fairer deal to producers.
  • To run a healthy, sustainable and ethical business within a co-operative structure, reinvesting profits in developing the business or supporting other organisations within the fairtrade movement.
  • To be a visible presence for the churches in the centre of Headington - a place of contact for people who would normally not go near any church building.

The venture is not a church-based organisation, but it has the support of many of the churches in Headington, and many of the volunteers are involved in the local churches. We have the support of senior local figures such as city councillors for the Headington, Marston and Barton wards and the Bishop of Oxford.


Structure of Headington Fairtrade Co-operative (trading as ‘Headington Fairtrade’).

Headington Fairtrade Co-operative Limited is established as an Industrial and Provident Society (Registration Number 30543R) and is organised as a community co-operative.

Membership is open to any person or corporate body:

  • who supports the aim of the Society;
  • who purchases at least one share;
  • whose application for membership is approved by the Management Committee.

No one member may hold more than 20% of the total shares issued by the Co-operative. Each member holds one vote only on each question to be decided, regardless of how many shares he/she holds. If you would like to consider becoming a shareholder/ member, here is the membership and share application form.


Founder members: we are a group of local people with a long-term commitment to fair trade, and between us we have many years’ experience of promoting and selling fairtrade goods in a variety of contexts. We also have many years’ experience in advising small businesses.

Management Committee: the Committee is elected each year by the members of the co-operative at the AGM. Currently the committee members are:

  • Sue Baker
  • Jon Catterall (Company Secretary)
  • John Coyle (Treasurer)
  • Sally Thompson (Chair)
  • Rachel Walding
  • Robin Williamson


Headington Fairtrade Co-operative Limited is constituted as a business, not as a charity, and as such we need to make a profit to be viable. It is only by trading profitably that we can continue to make a difference to people in the developing world, and promote the idea that fair trading should and could become ‘the norm’ rather than the exception.

However, trading to cover costs is very different from trading for gain. In the early stages of the enterprise, much of the profit from sales will be needed to cover expenses (rent, rates etc). Further profit will be ploughed back into increasing stock levels, used to repay initial loans, and used for improving or expanding the business. If at a later date profits are made surplus to the company’s requirements, these will be reinvested in the fairtrade system through distribution to related charities (eg Traidcraft Exchange).

Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of HFC Ltd will be hekd at 7.30pm (drinks/ nibbles from 7.00pm) on Friday 19th May in the hall of Corpus Christi Church, Margaret Road, Headington. All our friends and supporters are welcome to join us..

Special Meeting

A Special General Meeting of HFC Ltd was held on Sunday 21st September 2015. A copy of the agenda can be downloaded by clicking on the underlined word. Members warmly supported a growth plan proposed by the management committee, including extension of the selling space in the shop, and appointment of a part-time manager, subject to several conditions being met.

Visit us

Come and visit us at 104 London Road, Headington, Oxford

Open Monday to Saturday
9:30am - 5:30pm

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Windmill news

Meet Rachel

At the start of the year Rachel joined The Windmill team as part-time manager, to help as the business grows. If you haven't yet met her, she is usually in the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday and alternate Friday/ Saturday mornings.

4 February

Flip-flop Animals

Environmental clean-up and fair trading go hand-in-hand to make brightly coloured, patterned animals in various sizes, which are crafted from recycled plastic harvested from the flip-flops washed up along Kenya's coastline. 

4 February

Bamboo Socks

If you're already a fan of our fairly traded bamboo socks (which come in 2 sizes), you might like the presentation gift boxes which contain 4 pairs and make a lovely present.

4 February

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